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About Bernice 

Bernice Drobnis, EA has been providing bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation and medical billing services for over 30 years. She has successfully set up computerized accounting systems using QuickBooks and Peachtree for businesses in multiple industries. 

Her experience includes a full spectrum of accounting functions, such as Tax Preparation, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Reconciliations, Payroll and all Payroll Tax Returns, Inventory, Management Reports, Financial Reports and Annual Budget Reports. She also has over 25 years experience in the Medical Billing Field with a track record of capturing even the most difficult receivables. 

She provides the financial services support crucial to business owners, based on the specific needs of their companies. She specializes in small business and personal finances. 

Bernice is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and is Enrolled to Practice in front of the IRS. 

Company history 

BD Financial Services, LLC. started in 1987 located in Newton, MA. When first incorporated we did business as BD Billing Services, Inc. In 2001 we relocated to southern New Hampshire. In 2016 we relocated to The Villages, FL. We have handled many different types of business in these years. Our services are known for collecting all outstanding receivables, leaving no dollar unaccounted for as well as giving the personal touch to our individual clients. Over the years we have provided services to many different types of businesses from the solo business owner to groups of 25+ employees. We have provided Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax Preparation services to many small businesses, both retail and service based, as well as to the busy individual. 

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